Wisdom Window Kundalini Yoga and Tibetan Healing

The Lost Secrets of Tibetan Healing Leaflet

Tibetan Healing & Kundalini Yoga Workshop

Amsterdam, Centrum de Roos

MAY, 20-21-22, 2016

2 leaders : Amjila and Sukhjeet Kaur

This workshop is really special and unique. Amjila will present for the first time in Europe his book “The Lost Secrets of Tibetan Healing”. You’ll learn how to take the Tibetan pulse to heal yourself and others. He also will give you basic practical information on the three ABC healing steps of a healing session. Then you’ll learn Techniques of Induced Aware Mindfulness.

Furthermore, there will be Kundalini Yoga classes lead by Sukhjeet: You will learn about basic breathing techniques, grounding to be centred, how to unlock your heart chakra and how to open your energy flow with Spine flex exercises. Finally,in order to cleanse your consciousness, you will do a special meditation and a kriya to refresh yourself.

€210.00 per person

(excluding lunches)

Venue: Amsterdam, Centrum de Roos

Friday: 1pm-5pm

Saturday : 9am-5.30 pm

Sunday: 9am-1.30pm

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UK +44 (0)791 231 5213
FR +33 (0)603 44 43 57

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